> NH 2013

An honor
Apple Gate
Apple Gate 2
Artist's touch
Awesome toad
Baby chicks
Baby ducks
Best lake view ever
Big D
Boat house
Boys with their toys
Cathedral of the Pines 2
Cathedral of the Pines 3
Cathedral of the Pines Flag
Cathedral of the Pines Memorial
Cathedral of the Pines Memorial 2
Cathedral of the Pines tower
Claire and Danny
Claire and Mary
Claire and St. Francis
Claire at the pulpit
Claire is all-in
Claire still talks about the homely mama pig
Claire swimming
Cute little piggy
Cuter baby ducks
Cutie powerlifting a goat
Danny and Claire
Danny and Katie
Danny and Katie
Danny boy
Danny said Is that your mom in the water?
Danny towing Claire
Danny was so happy to have a fire
Danny, Claire, and rooster
Dave loved it here
Dave went nuts over these stones
Day-old chicks
Dianne at work
Dianne's green thumb
Dianne's hedges
Dianne, Dave, Danny, and Mark