This blog is all about us

Who are we? A family of 10 -- 6 people and 4 pets. Mark is 57, I'm 54, Matt is 28, Katie is 26, Claire is 18, and Dave is 16 (this is an "even" year).

Chloe is our 5-year-old Great Pyrenees-chow-husky-cocker spaniel mix. Katie's pups are Maci and Cage. Matt's pup is a chocolate lab named Layla. Our 3 sweet cats are Oreo, Jack and Jill. I still have no grandchildren.

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Accidentally took 2 months off here

But I haven't forgotten the blog and I'm back. It has been a crazy busy spring teaching these 8th graders - but the end is in sight. We had our awards ceremony today. Tomorrow we have "graduation" rehearsal.

Friday we have the Moving Up Ceremony in the morning and the formal dance, a "Sneaker Ball," from 6-8 pm. At 8 pm, we have to take down all the decorations we just put up and clean before we can finally go home so lonnnnggg day there.

Monday we have a Teacher Workday where we have to process report cards and cumulative folders, as well as pack and clean our rooms.

Then: Sweet Sweet (Short) Summertime!

Doggo DNA

Chloe’s results are in! Claire and I will have our results in two weeks. I highly recommend this process as it is very enlightening.

If I’m reading this right, Chloe isn’t a lab at all so I need to change my intro blurb. Someone in Boone, NC had a purebred Great Pyrenees who met with our otherwise identified mutt. The offspring were dumped in a tree stump, and fortunately found and adopted out. Be responsible with your pets, people! The puppies were malnourished and their skin was a mess. I hope the others are loved and doing great like Chloe. One more month until her next birthday party!