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Who are we? A family of 15 -- 6 people and 9 pets. Mark is 56, I'm 53, Matt is 28, Katie is 26, Claire is 18, and Dave is 15.

Chloe is our 4-year-old lab-shepherd-husky mix. Katie's pups are Maci and Cage. Matt's pup is a chocolate lab named Layla. Our 3 sweet cats are Oreo, Jack and Jill. Claire's sibling Roborovski dwarf hamsters are Ari and Archie. Never a dull moment around here!

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Covid screening tests provided at school finally

I just went to the front of the building for my first covid screening test (I was tested once before when I was sick, but fortunately it wasn't covid or the flu back then - just a bad cold and cough). Anyway, cases are up in the community and on campus. They're going to come back once a week to do these tests - results return in about 24 hours.

I also authorized tests for Claire and Dave at their school too.

Minor car accident but I’m still upset

David and I ate dinner after school, all was well. I pulled out of our parking spot and managed to scrape the whole side of my Odyssey on the fender? of the (gigantic) Ford F-150 in the spot next to me. Just another load of hassle to toss onto the growing pile of aggravation. (If you’re keeping track, it was 17 years since my last accident when I was rear ended. At least that time it wasn’t my fault.) 


We’re still doing “well baby” visits

Claire and David are old enough to transition to “adult” physicians but they’ve had the same pediatrician (Dr. Bowman at Apex Peds) for their entire lives so none of us is in a rush. Dave kept saying “we were just here a month ago!” but Adderall checkups for ADD are obviously more frequent than the annual visits. 

Dr. Bowman and staff spent about an hour with the kids (separate rooms with me as chaperone) and everything is good. Claire got her Covid booster today, but when he went to authorize David’s third shot Dr. Bowman pointed out we can’t yet because he won’t turn 16 until April. That was my fault; I was thinking kids 15-17 had been approved for the boosters but apparently it is 16 and up?! Regardless, we’ll either get it done in early April or sooner if it’s authorized. All other shots are up to date for both kiddos.

12 hours until go time

Mark usually cooks, but this year he “doesn’t have time” so I get to do it. I’m ridiculously excited about my menu although who knows how it will turn out.




Mashed potatoes


Mac and Cheese

Green beans 



Dinner rolls 

Let’s Go!