This blog is all about us

Who are we? A family of 9 -- 6 people and 3 pets. Mark is 58, I'm 55, Matt is 29, Katie is 27, Claire is 19, and Dave is 17. I spend my time teaching 8th grade ELA and I love it.

Chloe is our 6-year-old Great Pyrenees-chow-husky-cocker spaniel mix. Katie's pups are Maci and Cage. Matt's pup is a chocolate lab named Layla. Our 2 sweet cats are Jack and Jill. I still have no grandchildren.

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Beginning Teacher phase complete

Anyone who knows me is aware the past several years have been challenging personally. I have been making plans and working hard. As a result, I now see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel ahead.

I worked 3 years in Raleigh and am no longer a BT. I accepted a position teaching 8th grade ELA in Apex (where I live) for next year. It's a year-round school so I'll teach 9 weeks and have 3 weeks off throughout the year. Start date is July 1 and I cannot wait!

BT Complete

Good intentions

But I’m not doing much better. Last weekend I started with a stomach bug going around my school and I couldn’t even teach Friday. Thankful for the building sub as there was no way I could have pulled that day off. 

This weekend was way better and I am very grateful for my restored good health!