Hamburguesa fiesta
Another step toward independence

This blog is all about us

Who are we? A family of 10 -- 6 people and 4 pets. Mark is 57, I'm 54, Matt is 28, Katie is 26, Claire is 18, and Dave is 16 (this is an "even" year).

Chloe is our 5-year-old Great Pyrenees-chow-husky-cocker spaniel mix. Katie's pups are Maci and Cage. Matt's pup is a chocolate lab named Layla. Our 3 sweet cats are Oreo, Jack and Jill. I still have no grandchildren.

Additional Memories on Shutterfly.


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What is your email address??? Please email me at I think of you often and have no way to contact you. Miss you much.


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