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This sounds like you were dreaming of her future. When Joe’s dad died, everyone had a dream of him healthy, all in one piece, smiling, singing, etc. We all had the dreams on different nights, but they were just after he passed. It didn’t make sense to them when they woke. Months later, someone mentioned their dream. Then everyone else said something like, “Oh, yeah! I had a dream about him, too!” Even one of the women who had been his nurse! She called Joe’s mom and asked if she could share something that really had an impact on her. She told about her dream in which he was just standing, smiling at her, his eyes now a brilliant sky blue, looking young and vibrant. She said she could actually feel happiness coming from him. In my own dream, he was standing (with two legs, instead of the one fake one he had in real life) in his air force uniform. He was slim and very healthy looking. He seemed to have a deep contentment and peace about him. He smiled at me and pointed toward some ornate stairs, like in a hotel. As I looked at the stairs he went walked up them. That was the end of the dream. It was as if he was letting me know he was okay now. Better than okay!
Even if people don’t believe in life after this one, that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. The nurse said she really wasn’t sure that people continue to live after “death” until she had this dream. Again, it must have had a big impact on her. She never actually knew him. He was brought into the hospital unconscious and never regained consciousness. Yet, there he was in her dream; a stranger. When we “pass away,” we don’t pass into death, we pass into Life.
I am familiar with having a dream of how you wish things were and then waking to reality. It leaves you with a terrible and disturbing sadness. But, when I had a dream like that many, many years ago, it turns out that I was dreaming of the future. I just didn’t know it yet.

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