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Funny (to me) teacher fail

I got up at 5 a.m., met my students in Raleigh at the door of my classroom beginning at 7 sharp. Taught all day. Participated in a 45-minute parent meeting during my only planning period. Graded late work all evening so kids will know where they stand approaching Thanksgiving. What could possibly be wrong after this effort today?

I just graded myself past the late work threshold into “missing work” land. Wrote a detailed note in Google Classroom to a child that “nothing was submitted and he should refer back to the instructions.” Yes, I reiterated all of them. Then five minutes later I apologized, asked him to follow those instructions in the future, and told him I am looking forward to reading his research once he does any... 

There may be a way I could have covered my tracks, but I left everything so he could see how late I stay up hoping he does his work.


Insanely busy time

Tomorrow will be the third day in person with my middle school students. It is really hard to project my voice or stay hydrated with the mask on all day, but it is so great to see real people in lieu of icons on my laptop screen!

Talked with the hospice chaplain about Mom

They still aren't letting him in to visit which is fine (better safe than sorry). He was really glad that I've been in twice recently and played music for her. The staff does it too, of course, but it was nice to witness her enjoying it. I told him our next visit is scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving.

He said that the reports he gets all say she's holding steady, not getting better - not getting visibly worse.