Talked with the hospice chaplain about Mom
Yay, Friday already!

Insanely busy time

Tomorrow will be the third day in person with my middle school students. It is really hard to project my voice or stay hydrated with the mask on all day, but it is so great to see real people in lieu of icons on my laptop screen!


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That is bizarre when you consider what you expected teaching would be last weather this unreal situation. I am very happy you get to teach in person. I hope by next school year the masks will be gone.
I feel sad that you have to work hard to project your voice so much. You likely know way more than this link, but I felt compelled to research a scrap of help.,louder%20is%20to%20use%20breath%20threshold.%20More%20

I hope so too!

Actually this way more than I knew about projecting my voice, haha!

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