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Unbelievable and heartbreaking!!
Hope the vaccine arrives there soon.

They will begin with residents and staff within the upcoming week. It’s critical for staffing, and to alleviate suffering. Mom only had a dry cough and low-grade fever for a couple days when she had Covid-19, but I hate to think what the others went through during that outbreak and now this one.

I went to Labcorp, and the test showed I have no antibodies to the virus. I’ve met and worked with the students in small groups for all six of my classes (four ELA and two Creative Writing). I hope they can vaccinate the healthcare workers, police and other emergency responders during January and get to teachers in February. Even with masks and sanitation measures, it’s a game of Russian roulette to assist each kid. But I do it because that’s why I’m there.

They did announce we will be remote for the first two weeks of January due to staffing shortages (illnesses and quarantine). It’s not a lot, but it’s a relief to have time between holiday gatherings/travel and subsequent exposure.

That's a great relief that vaccines have started there already!!!!
It's hard to imagine how hard this pandemic is for a new teacher who isn't even familiar with the regular processes. To have to constantly flex with virtual vs in-person, quarantine, and provision of individualized instruction sans availability of colleagues?!
Your completion of the degree was amazing but your remarkability is still required to weather this situation.

This vaccine is a miracle.
Science rulz! (Unfortunately as a second to nature.)
We have to hope most people take it.

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