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Birthday Week

It’s Mark’s 56th birthday today. We’re getting barbecue from his favorite restaurant, and it actually snowed this morning. Yesterday would have been my dad’s 76th birthday, and tomorrow would have been Mark’s mom’s birthday as well. (Anecdotally, two of my nieces share my Jan. birthday week, the youngest one born on Jan. 11 like me.) January babies rule!

Oh, and Mom is getting her second Covid-19 vaccine right now. The nurse was exasperated having to call everyone for permission again after we just submitted it in writing just a few weeks ago, but CVS is doing the prerequisite CYA.



Latest on outbreak

Up to 63 confirmed cases, only 4 are active. Mom's second covid vaccine will be administered on 2/2/21. 

I know this blog is outdated and neglected. I will give it a facelift when I have time. Currently every moment is being consumed with grading and finishing out Quarter 2!


Rex Covid outbreak is up to 61 cases, only 8 are still active. They are administering the Moderna vaccine Monday. I gave consent for Mom to get it. The second dose is scheduled for February 2.