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I know I haven't been present

And I'm sorry. But I'm here. We had the last day of class for Quarter 3 yesterday, and then I rushed off to get my second covid shot at 3 p.m. It went great. I had arm soreness for only 24 hours and some fatigue (but what else is new). NOTHING else! A tip I heard from someone in the medical field who is "in the know" is to be sure to hydrate for the 24 hours prior to the jab, which apparently reduces adverse effects. It certainly can't hurt and it (I assume) worked for me.

So the kids and I are finally on our Spring Break. Don't hate me if I don't, but I'm hoping to clean up the blog while I have a little time. I hope so; I know it's a hot mess. Thank you for reading anyway!

Very Noteworthy: There is an "official" timeframe set for Mom's Memorial Service in New York on Long Island. We're looking at the July 23/24 weekend. I need to talk with the cemetery where my dad is buried to find out what kind of vessel they want Mom's ashes in and I need to make arrangements for the ceremony, but it's so good to have a "Save the Date" on the books and a complete Covid Card to be able to get there. I'm going to try to work on the rest of the immediate family as soon as they are eligible.   

I’m okay

Just working like crazy. We had a tornado watch today and got to work from home. I still had three meetings and a lot to do, but just having a day without the commute or teaching live was a needed respite.

Claire and Dave return for the second time

They went to school for 2 days in February (first time in nearly a year). They have 4 scheduled days this week which covers all of March. Any ideas why they aren’t passing considering the monotony of Remote Learning, their anxiety and ADD?

I am going a lot easier on my 8th graders (accepting all late work with no penalty, modified assignments, extra credit), and I still have a ton who are not attending at all and failing. The county still plans to do end of grade testing that reflects directly on my teaching. I can save a lot of time and money by telling you right now: I haven’t taught the kids I haven’t met anything this year.

Three in a row to date

I picked up Mom’s ashes and death certificate today after work in Raleigh which was hard. Listed cause of death: Alzheimer’s disease. First (that I know of) it was Grandma Dot, then her only sibling Great Aunt Ruth. Now Mom. Three whip-smart women reduced to helplessness. I pray the research bears fruit before my children age!