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Counting down

Only a couple weeks away from summer vacation. Still coughing and ready for the 3-day weekend of healing. Just finished my grading backlog and a little romance book late tonight. Feeling tired, but optimistic.

Sicko Sunday

Matt returned from the funeral early and sick as can be with Dave’s cold. I have it and so does Katie. Super sore throat, headache and congestion. That was one nice side effect of quarantine, no germs being spread around!

Super snotty Q-tip Saturday

Dave had a sore throat for two days, congestion, and a fever last night of 100.7. I canceled his first covid shot appointment and made an appointment to get him tested. Yesterday he said he couldn’t smell or taste. Today his nose wasn’t as clogged and his senses magically returned. Covid test was negative and I’m a happy Mama.


Weird Friday

We're teaching from home due to a gas shortage caused by pipeline hackers and hoarders (was really hoping we weren't going to have to do this remote learning thing anymore this year). Personally, this means no one gets to see my new haircut/style except via Google Meet - bummer. That's okay. It was nice to save the daily hour commute (30 min each way) and get rid of the gray roots.

Then Matt dropped Layla off for the weekend because his friend died and the funeral is in Wilmington. Super, super sad. Wife and young baby left behind. Our 4-year-old Chloe is a grouchy old man who keeps telling the 7-month old puppy to stay of her lawn, haha. The baby had a toy and a ball we were playing with and Chloe confiscated both of them. (I found other things to do with the granddog while Chloe pouted.)

May 2021 haircut

Chloe and Layla standoff

First school fight in the books

Luckily it happened in a sort of slo-mo, thanks to a close friend holding the instigator back long enough for the math teacher and I to react. I know I won’t always be this lucky so I’m strongly encouraging students NOT to act this way moving forward. I told them “other kids” might get in trouble, but let’s make sure it isn’t any “Hannah kids.” Some were skeptical, but I had several who were very invested (I introduced a candy basket for the first time this covid year). Counting down the days for this insane school year to end.