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A nap will suffice

Ludicrously tired, but of course my body is on “work time” so I’ve been awake since 4 a.m.

The past couple weeks were crazy at the middle school because kids joined the TikTok challenge to steal/destroy school property and post the videos online. We had soap dispensers ripped off the walls and tampered with (it’s disgusting and I’ll leave it at that. Perfect. No soap left in a pandemic - real smart kids). They broke the bathroom stalls and TP dispensers. Pulled the paper towels off the wall and clogged the toilets. Also spray painted toilets. It’s happening nationwide and locally, such a waste of resources. You can see the aftermath on the news or YouTube (devious lick challenge). 

Yet another thing to contend with while short-staffed and overextended. Hard to understand why coworkers are resigning and we’re unable to fill positions, right?

In happier news, my classroom is nearly complete. All that’s left to do is a Showcase Wall to display student work. Had an unexpected compliment from a student that made my week: “Mrs. Hannah, you have the most organized classroom!” She then reverted back to normal, turning to a friend in conversation: “Have you seen Mrs. ____’s classroom? There’s stuff EVERYWHERE!” (I’m glad she can’t see my bedroom, but I’m working on that too!)

Working hard

I jokingly asked one of the teachers set to retire next year if admin might consider giving me an assistant to help get this work done. He laughed all the way down the hall so I’m taking that as a no.

Never forget!

I spent a couple hours today reading tributes to the horror and heroism of 9/11. I’m still shocked at the accounts 20 years later.

Then I joined the throng at Costco to fuel up - naturally the line I chose moved the slowest so I had more time to read.