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7 entries from January 2022

Covid screening tests provided at school finally

I just went to the front of the building for my first covid screening test (I was tested once before when I was sick, but fortunately it wasn't covid or the flu back then - just a bad cold and cough). Anyway, cases are up in the community and on campus. They're going to come back once a week to do these tests - results return in about 24 hours.

I also authorized tests for Claire and Dave at their school too.

Minor car accident but I’m still upset

David and I ate dinner after school, all was well. I pulled out of our parking spot and managed to scrape the whole side of my Odyssey on the fender? of the (gigantic) Ford F-150 in the spot next to me. Just another load of hassle to toss onto the growing pile of aggravation. (If you’re keeping track, it was 17 years since my last accident when I was rear ended. At least that time it wasn’t my fault.)