The Last Lecture

Randy Pausch died and left behind a wife and three young children, but he also left The Last Lecture, a book and video of his actual last lecture - a legacy for his children and a gift to all, inspirational words of wisdom to make the most of our lives.  I finished the book quickly, but I will be thinking about his lessons for (hopefully!) years to come.

Secret Life of Bees

We watched the movie last night, excellent and faithful to the book.  Interesting to see on Blu-Ray.  The scenery popped on screen, it made Dakota Fanning's eyes even larger and more blue, and the scar on Queen Latifah's forehead very pronounced.  LOL.  Am I distractable or what?  Anyway, no spoilers here.  You should watch this movie!  My family loved it too.

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

I'm reading My Sister's Keeper this week which was not my original plan, but since the movie is one I will undoubtedly see...  I have to read the book first in order to compare the different endings.  Almost always, books are better anyway and I do enjoy the "inside info." 

One sister has leukemia and the other sister is a "designer baby" conceived expressly to be a donor for her sick sibling.  I like the way the author writes each chapter from a different person's perspective so I don't have to spend too much time in any of their shoes.  Sad stuff!