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I love happy endings

Three teenage boys adrift in the Pacific for 50 days were rescued alive against all odds.  They'd begun drinking seawater since it hadn't rained so clearly they wouldn't have survived for much longer.  The fishing boat took a different route than usual and spotted the kids (800 miles from where they'd started).  Miracles do happen.  Here's the whole story, just click the link.

Irresponsible and so selfish!

What do bakers do with unsold food at the end of the day?  Some places like Panera Bread donate to the local food bank which is awesome and cuts down on the waste.

What do retailers do with unsold clothes and shoes?  Slash holes in the them and bag for the nearest landfill which is what the New York Times reported H&M and Wal-Mart were doing when recently caught dumping giant trash bags of merchandise.  Hello - ever heard of charity?  They have now and had better stick with the program.  Target routinely makes donations and I'm sure they get a tax write-off which is fair and reasonable, doing otherwise is completely unacceptable.

So trashy

Too broke to rent a room?  A man and woman (both 44) in Wichita actually climbed into a dumpster for some adult alone time.  Clearly the guy is some smooth kind of talker.  That would be enough of a story for me to go to press, but it gets worse.  They were robbed... in the dumpster... while doing the dirty.  The police must have thought they were on Candid Camera when they were called, but they took a report and caught the bad guys.  No mention of charges against the lovebirds.  Seems like public drunk (?), drug (?), or indecency laws must have been broken, but it looks like karma is punishing them already.


Sad news:  Farewell to Patrick Swayze who finally succumbed today to pancreatic cancer at the age of 57.  He was a talented man and one of my longtime crushes, rating right up there with John Travolta, Tom Cruise, and Michael J. Fox.  Whoa, I just zoned out here at the keyboard for a while.

I buy a ticket for every Powerball drawing regardless of the jackpot

The odds are 1-in-80 million, but anyone with a ticket could be the winner...
Powerball Jackpot Soars to Quarter of a Billion Dollars!

RALEIGH- The Powerball jackpot for the Wednesday night drawing has rolled to an estimated $250 million! It’s the largest current lottery jackpot in the world.

Powerball sales across the country and here in North Carolina are brisk prompting an increase in the estimated jackpot from the original estimate of $245 million. In the lunchtime hour, Powerball sales in North Carolina were averaging about $900 per minute.

If the jackpot is won Wednesday, it will be the 10th largest in Powerball history. The estimated lump sum cash option is $124.8 million.

Powerball is the world’s best known jackpot lottery game. Drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday night at 10:59 EST.


For prizes of $5,000 and greater, 25% federal tax and 7% state tax are withheld.