Doggo DNA

Chloe’s results are in! Claire and I will have our results in two weeks. I highly recommend this process as it is very enlightening.

If I’m reading this right, Chloe isn’t a lab at all so I need to change my intro blurb. Someone in Boone, NC had a purebred Great Pyrenees who met with our otherwise identified mutt. The offspring were dumped in a tree stump, and fortunately found and adopted out. Be responsible with your pets, people! The puppies were malnourished and their skin was a mess. I hope the others are loved and doing great like Chloe. One more month until her next birthday party! 




I love you, Mom

This was our last overnight trip together. We traveled to Quantico to honor my dad - 50th year reunion of Marine Corps Officer Training School and a memorial for him and the rest of their fallen from that year. I’m so grateful we were able to go.

Three sets of Hannah saliva are in the mail already

Claire and I had fun with the strange sample collection process.

Chloe was incredibly tolerant of having her lower gums swabbed for 60 seconds; Claire said "She'll let you do anything!" (That's because ChloNoNo's also my girl.)

If only my other ideas like getting a classroom of my very own or finding our "forever home" could have been orchestrated so quickly. Still - two out of three down. We've got this.

Meanwhile, I will let you know what the results are for the three of us as soon as I know...

Today's randomness in purchases

Claire and I were just chatting about our roots and the current awfulness in the Ukraine (some of my precious Grandpa Artie's - my father John's Dad - people apparently hailed from the Ukraine which I didn't know until last summer when cousin Sue told me).

Ten minutes later, we have genetic tests ordered from Amazon for Claire, myself, and Chloe (because we think lab-shepherd-husky is accurate but who knows with her either?).

One of my core memories of Mom: It was the end of 1999 and I called Pat to tell her we'd adopted an 8-lb girl puppy. 

"What breed is she?"  

Me: Mandy's just a mutt.

I'm sure I've said this before, but the most profound thing my mother ever said: "Aren't we all?'

I think about her question all the time and couldn't agree more.