This blog is all about us

Who are we? A family of 10 -- 6 people and 4 pets. Mark is 57, I'm 54, Matt is 28, Katie is 26, Claire is 18, and Dave is 16 (this is an "even" year).

Chloe is our 5-year-old Great Pyrenees-chow-husky-cocker spaniel mix. Katie's pups are Maci and Cage. Matt's pup is a chocolate lab named Layla. Our 3 sweet cats are Oreo, Jack and Jill. I still have no grandchildren.

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RoadRunner connectivity issues

It is so frustrating trying continually to log onto the web to no avail.  Personally I can usually wait during peak usage times, but I have two teenagers who suffer from FWS (Facebook Withdrawal Syndrome) and have to get their fix.

Meanwhile I have another bone to pick with Time Warner.  Don't call it HBO on Demand when we can't pull up the shows half the times we try.  How about HBO Hit or Miss?  HBO When No One Else is Watching?  HBO The Big Tease?  Looks like I have a clear case of HBO Withdrawal Syndrome, but I know there will be no credit on the bill for the HWS.  They should be ashamed.